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Hair Treatments

When you run your fingers or a comb through your hair does it feel lank and lifeless? Is it hard to style your hair in the same way that you used to? Are you tired of your hair and long for the days when you could just put it in a ponytail or a messy bun and it would still look incredible? For men, often the problem lies in the fact that they just don’t have as much hair as they used to. But there are solutions to all of these problems. You may think that getting a hair treatment is an extravagance you can’t afford, but can you put a price on how you feel about yourself?

One of the best hair treatments we have on offer at Pondicherry are Smoothing hair treatments, we have the best Straightening in Pondicherry and have a great reputation for delivering the greatest results. If you are in the mood for a double whammy please read more about our package, the best way to repair the internal structure of the hair and smooth and repair the outer layer.

Skin Treatments

Our specialist assessment will give you the best chance at achieving clear, radiant skin.
There are several different treatments available to help give you a beautiful complexion – each tailored to meet your specific skin concerns. Our clients receive consistently positive treatment outcomes, thanks to an accurate diagnosis and management plan from our expert team.

Your tailored consultation with our qualified dermal clinicians will help us understand:

  • your unique skin concerns,
  • your medical history,
  • any impacting lifestyle or diet factors; and
  • other information to create an optimal treatment plan for you.

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