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Are you suffering from a flaky itchy scalp?

Dandruff is a common scalp disorder which many women will experience at some point of their life.

Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp and often flares up if you are under stress. The appearance of dandruff can vary from mild to moderate flakes to a severe build-up of dandruff.

Your scalp should not give you any discomfort, unless you are over scratching, and there should be no redness or inflammation. If you do have any of these symptoms you may have a different scalp condition and should seek a professional diagnosis from our Hair Care Specialist Doctors.

Causes of dandruff can include: stress, frequent exposure to extreme heat and cold, poor diet, lack of sleep and not shampooing often enough.

Solutions for Dandruff

Our exclusive Hair Care Dandruff Solution has been specifically formulated to help broken and flaky skin.

Hair Care Scalp Solution promotes healthy Hair and scalp repair, clearing away flaky skin and soothing an irritated scalp.

Frequency of shampooing is important. Shreem Madhava Hair Clinics hygiene range (Dandruff Care Protocols) are designed to help with common scalp disorders.

For severe scalp conditions, consult with a Trichologist for a professional diagnosis.

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