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Pigmentation Treatment

Pigment (melanin) is an organic colourant in the skin which is formed by melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells which penetrate into the skin’s basal layer. They produce melanin (the colourant which causes suntans) under the influence of UV rays and deliver it to the surrounding skin-cells. Because of genetic predisposition, hormones, ageing of the skin and sun exposure several different skin conditions may develop. Many people, older but also often younger people, suffer from pigmentation. An common variant are freckles or moles which you have from birth and which, if they don’t change in some way, are completely harmless. However, it is important to to realise that excessive sun exposure or sun bed use can damage the skin. You don’t usually experience this damage when you are young, but it can cause problems at a later age, for example, it can lead to skin conditions such a pigmentation, blemishes and liver spots. These aren’t dangerous as long as they don’t change size or colour, itch or open up. If this should happen it is important to see your GP or a dermatologist.

The Treatment:

Beauty Clinic Lotus offers treatments with IPL to reduce pigmentation, age spots, pigment blemishes and acne scars. Depending on the severity and the desired result, which decide on a treatment plan together with the client. The treatment using flashes of light. The device emits a bundle of light through the skin which crushes the pigment. Within a week the treated pigment will form a scab and fall off. After this pigment will have have been removed or reduced.

First a cooling gel will be applied to the target area. Then the sapphire will be projected onto your skin and the light-pulses will penetrate into your skin. Safety goggles are worn during the treatment.


4 weeks before the treatment you shouldn’t expose your skin to sunlight or visit a sun bed nor should you use any self-tanning lotions.

Number of treatments:

The number of treatment is dependent on the severity of the problems. Often it takes multiple treatments of optimal results. At your first consultation we can make a good estimate of the number of treatments necessary.