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Hair Transplant – Best Replacement & Implant Clinic

The Most Refined Technique

Every hair transplant procedure, regardless of technique, yields permanent results. Results are permanent and even irreversible. Shreem Madhava Clinic method gives our Certified Surgeons full control over the placement of the hair follicles in terms of angles, direction, and depth. This way we can follow the natural way your hair grows and implant new hairs accordingly for a result that grows naturally and most importantly doesn’t look like a hair transplant.

Your Hair Transplant Experience with Shreem Madhava

Here at our clinic in Pondicherry and Tamilandu, we make it our aim to ensure you not only receive the best of medical care but also enjoy your short experience with us in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

You start the day with Our Doctors reviewing your situation, explaining the whole process thoroughly and answering any questions you may have. You are then given some oral sedatives to help you relax and slow any anxiety you may be experiencing.

Local anaesthetic is given to the donor and recipient areas.

Follicles are carefully harvested from the back of the head via FUE method. Either way there is no discomfort during the procedure. This area is not usually visible later as the existing hair covers it very well.

The grafts are then skilfully placed into the recipient areas. While this procedure is in progress, you can watch movies, read or take a nap.

Post-operative instructions are given and your hair transplant is complete.